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Bridging the Gap Between Performance and Lifestyle

TravisMathew started out with a simple mission. Creating golf wear that fit into guys’ lives instead of just fitting convention, making a statement wherever, whenever. Not just on the course. That spark of an idea grew into a successful brand. One with a humorous tone aimed straight at the guys that love their gear. After expanding to include a full women’s line, TravisMathew came to us with a unique challenge: to reimagine their brand for this new dual audience, and for the future. To create a unified brand position that spoke to men and women equally. This was an opportunity to reshape the brand to be bigger, more inclusive, with room to grow. But without losing sight of its original spirit.

Other active lifestyle brands tend to rely on specifics: tech, function, style. From day one, being fit for whatever comes up has been what set TravisMathew apart. That versatility, and the confidence that comes from being at ease in the moment, are the core ideas behind everything we did.

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Made to Meet the Moment

An idea that captures the spirit that started the brand, and the future it can grow into. Starting with a deep dive into consumer profiles for both male and female audiences, we crafted a reimagined brand world. From positioning, to tone-of-voice, to design, advertising and photography; everything was refreshed and refined to express the new creative platform.

Launched with the help of brand ambassador, football legend, and scratch golfer Reggie Bush; Made to Meet the Moment became a consistent mantra across owned social and paid media – setting the stage for whatever’s next.

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