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Branding / Creative Direction / Production

The classic polo has long been sold mainly as a versatile men’s closet essential, good for anything that might come up on a given day. From morning to night, lounging around to the board room, golf to tennis…always looking great.

The truth is, a one-size-fits-all mentality leads to a product that’s not really great at anything. And that’s a game Mack Weldon isn’t interested in playing.

Enter, “The 4”. A collection of polos designed with purpose. Each crafted to elevate a different aspect of the Mack Weldon Man’s day-to-day.

Athletic performance, elevated style, standing out at the office, catching a flight or taking it easy…we’ve got a polo for that. Guys can pick up the range, or go deep on the design that speaks most to them.

That’s the beauty of The 4.

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