Standard Black LA NY

Created for young, passionate sports fans who love the look of vintage
T-shirts, Tailgate is an all-American sports apparel brand founded by
New York menswear designer Todd Snyder, the brand’s creative director.
As long-standing creative partners with Snyder, Standard Black was invited to art direct and produce the brand’s inaugural photo shoot.

Casual sports apparel is a market that has become deeply saturated in the past five years. Standard Black was tasked with making Tailgate’s inventive approach to collegiate team sports apparel stand out against a sea of lesser products, while developing the core aesthetic that would connect and define Snyder’s vision going forward.

While college sports T-shirts symbolize devotion and unity to both the school and the team, Standard Black developed a unique approach that highlighted the many different ways that the item can be personalized. We created dynamic visuals that married the wearer’s love of the team with their passionate individuality—and at the same time spoke to Snyder’s background as a critically acclaimed menswear designer.

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