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Rewilding Argentina is a nonprofit organization that protects, restores, and “rewilds” ecosystems throughout Argentina. In partnership with Lookfar Conservation and Tompkins Conservation, they are committed to expanding, and “rewilding”a large area of the country’s environmentally significant El Impenetrable National Park, specifically the Chaco region.

We created Rewilding Argentina’s first global campaign to build awareness of their organization and work, while also raising donations to expand their efforts and impact. It began with an evolution of the Rewilding story, and of the brand, for international audiences. The effort centered on an engaging, approachable new visual identity that explains the work Rewilding Argentina does and the difference it makes. This was followed by creative content launched across multiple touchpoints: digital, email, social, video, and merchandise.

Through a messaging strategy crafted to communicate the many impacts of Rewilding Argentina, the work continues to define their efforts: to rewild, rebuild, reestablish, reimagine, reintroduce, and rethink the effects we can have on our environment.

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