Rakuten - Standard Black

Standard Black LA NY


Rakuten is a leading cash back and loyalty rewards company with a stand-out service,
and a hard-to-pronounce name. We partnered with them to launch an awareness campaign explaining what Rakuten is, how it works and why everyone should use it.
The work refreshed the brand, exceeded awareness goals and ultimately resulted
in a win for “Best Rebrand/Relaunch and Best Brand Content Strategy”
by The Drum Marketing Awards.




Out Of Home

It’s a simple truth. Once people experience Cash Back with Rakuten, they just can’t help talking about it. This insight drove an awareness campaign that needed to explain what Rakuten is and what they do, but also had to entertain. From the World Series to Super Bowl Sunday and beyond – our Cash Back Enthusiasts (including Stephen Curry) have found a huge audience as they managed to turn everyday conversations into lessons on Racking up Cash Back.

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