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How do you successfully launch a new program of men’s performance basics on a web-based delivery model? When Standard Black developed the Mack Weldon brand from scratch, we drew on our ability to align big ideas with actionable objectives.

We designed a universal strategy for Mack Weldon, including positioning, brand DNA, naming, expression, identity, product design, and development. Our concept underlined the idea of “everyday performance,” and positioned the brand through the lens of the ideal consumer: a smart, professional man who expects his easy-to-shop performance products to feel great and look good. From identity to campaign strategy, our aligned approach defined brand initiatives and informed product development, crafting a unique signature for the brand.

After engineering a strategy that would set Mack Weldon ahead of all other men’s basics brands in its category, we began crafting Mack Weldon’s holistic end-to-end brand experience. This included the design and launch of Mack Weldon’s e-commerce site, which we imagined as a fun, playful, customer-focused experience, with easy re-order, volume pricing, simple assortment and categories, and good CRM.

Since launch and to-date, Standard Black leads all of Mack Weldon’s creative and marketing assets across digital, mobile, and social. These assets include photography, brand videos, banner ads, seasonal campaigns, and emails, along with other communications and initiatives. Standard Black has also driven the creative development for special product launches, including the brand’s premium Silver line extension, which represents almost thirty percent of the underwear assortment.

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