Flint Park - Standard Black

Standard Black LA NY

A focused collection of tennis essentials, Flint Park was founded on a deep passion for the game, and an equally strong commitment to environmental responsibility. It’s high-quality, sustainable, tech-forward performance wear that bridges the gap between the needs of the seasoned pro, and the traditional consumer.

S/S '23

Flint Park’s newest collection continues to level the playing field with sustainable, accessible apparel that never sacrifices performance. The story unfolds from the perspective of a clinic, where we see what is happening on the court from the players’ point of view. A sun-soaked tones creates a warm spring feel throughout. Candid and observational, authentic action is paired with a relaxed, confident style – continuing the brand’s position of style, function and responsibility coming together on the court.

S/S '22

When partnering with Flint Park to create their brand identity, we jumped at the challenge of creating something that spoke equally to both to their tennis roots, and their commitment to sustainable practice. The identity was developed from the ground up – from logo and design system, to strategy, tone of voice, art direction, and the overarching aesthetic of the brand. Launching with their first ever campaign, Flint Park came out swinging; with a call to “Better your game. Better your community. Better your planet.”

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