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From brand-building stories, to promotional content and social initiatives; as AOR for all of CVS Beauty, we’re both brand stewards and beauty experts – always striving to create a relevant voice in the beauty space and a cultural position for the brand. Every campaign crafted to elevate CVS in an ever-growing beauty market.


Beauty in Real Life 2020

Just as we were gearing up to produce more work under our Beauty in Real Life creative platform; film production, and the country, shut down. The pandemic pushed us to express the idea in an even more authentic, real way. But it also inspired us to keep going during a time when those little moments of self care, that boost of confidence, that feeling of wellness that comes from taking care of ourselves and feeling beautiful…matters even more.


Beauty Unaltered

CVS had made a groundbreaking announcement – that they would no longer material alter, or retouch their beauty images. No more thinning, smoothing, erasing or unrealistic changes. It was a positive change to create greater transparency and honesty in their beauty images, and welcome news in the beauty space.

But the general public didn’t know about it. We needed to raise awareness in a big way.

So we created a film to announce the incredible promise of “Beauty Unaltered” to a national audience, featuring an amazing cast that embodies “Unaltered Beauty”. Simple and real, it combines powerful facts with intimate scenes of the women looking at themselves in mirrors, inviting the viewer to imagine the thoughts and range of emotion these difficult facts invoke.

The spot launched during a beauty-focused episode of Good Morning America, and has continued to build awareness and inspire.


Beauty In Real Life.

After helping CVS deliver a promise to eliminate retouched images from their marketing, our partnership with their beauty division was at the forefront of a growing conversation on diversity and the honest portrayal of women in advertising. This inspired a new 360 campaign to relaunch their beauty business completely through the lens of real life.

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