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Since 1994 Black Opal has offered award-winning, high-performance makeup and skincare products grounded in the belief that “Beauty comes in all shades”. Reimagining their identity was an opportunity to express this core value, and to bring to life the bold attitude that informed the brand, and their loyal customers.

The brand is unapologetic, bold and direct. By applying this sensibility to the design approach, we believed more could be said with less, and a feeling of energy and possibility could be expressed through bold simplicity.

The visual ID is anchored by a logotype. Reduced to only its essential elements, with individual characters overlapping to represent the unity of the brand’s mission, purpose and practice – it’s forceful in its simplicity and energy. Packaging, advertising, collateral and visual brand elements were all conceptualized and executed with the same approach and attitude, allowing the mark to do the talking. The new identity stands as a statement of what the brand is, yet leaves room for interpretation, and for future evolution.

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