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After helping CVS deliver a promise to eliminate retouched images from their marketing, our partnership with their beauty division was at the forefront of a growing conversation on diversity and the honest portrayal of women in advertising. This inspired a new 360 campaign to relaunch their beauty business completely through the lens of real life.

Traditional beauty ads, with their retouched perfection, no longer connect with the majority of CVS’ customers. How could the brand’s beliefs be carried through in a meaningful campaign that repositions CVS Beauty, while staying relevant in an increasingly crowded beauty space?

Beauty in Real Life, a creative platform that shows what beauty truly looks like, and how it fits into real life. TV, social, print, digital and outdoor all featuring a cast of 12 real-life women. In a landscape that for so long has been about big brands telling women how to look and feel, it’s time to tell a story that inspires women to enjoy beauty on their own terms.

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Getting The Message Out.

A real life approach didn’t just apply to the story. We knew in order to reach the right people, broadcast and print was just the beginning. A 360 media approach made sure the conversation kept going.

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