Standard Black LA NY

Returning to collaborate with Amazon after launching the online retailer’s private label athleticwear, Standard Black crafted an identity for its new women’s and men’s sunglasses initiative. Obsidian is defined by its craftsmanship and “updated classic” silhouettes, so Standard Black created branding and imagery that highlights this refined sensibility.

To reflect Obsidian’s casual timeless style, Standard Black’s creative direction features male and female models captured in images that conjure timeless American style without appearing retro. The product’s handcraftsmanship is seen in high-resolution detail shots.

Tapped to create the logo, branding, and packaging for Obsidian, Standard Black drew upon the collection’s upscale simplicity to create a contemporary look with bold graphics. As each style in the collection is aligned with a specific number, the collection’s packaging highlights that number in with a bold black and white palette.

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