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Creative Direction / Production

Aéropostale became Gen Z's go-to fashion brand by celebrating creativity, inclusiveness, and connection. This outlook inspired Oneness, Aéro's brand platform, which stands for unity, celebrating individuality, living in harmony, and supporting one another. For SS21, Aéro asked us to create a campaign that updates Oneness with a new outlook and energy.

To tell the story, we cast real people and models who embodied our Oneness platform. Using personal stories, we highlighted how positivity and thinking about more than yourself creates a better future, one act at a time. The stories we told covered wide range of issues including ways to combat homelessness and mental illness to rescuing and fostering animals to showcase how people are doing their part to make the world a better place.

The campaign activation spanned digital, social, paid, print, OOH, in-store, and connected TV.

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Branding / Identity
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