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Standard Black’s unique partnership with Aéropostale impacts and shapes all aspects of the brand. From the overall aesthetic, to season concepts, to campaign executions; our work has helped evolve their purpose to one of inclusion and unity, and transformed the business into a go-to retailer for the Gen Z consumer.


Summer 2022

Summer is more than just a season. It’s a feeling.
It’s a time of year with more sun, good times, and moments to make the most of. Our Summer 2K22 campaign for Aéropostale is all about capturing the moment, being open, and Being Here.

The story is less about a beginning, middle, and end than it is about just being together and making the most of it. It’s about those little moments with big summer vibes.

The campaign came to life through online film, social content, OOH, and owned and earned media, setting a bold new visual direction for the brand.


Holiday 2021

The holidays are all about sharing – whether it’s gifts, good memories, or great vibes. Our “Share Aéro” campaign for Aéropostale made it a point to celebrate all three.

The campaign showcased all of the looks to give or get during the season, but it was just as much about being together. It featured a diverse, fun group of friends gathered together to celebrate the holidays. The story elevates the brand, and invites everyone to share the fun, the color, the vibes, and of course… Aéro style.


Back To Free

Aeropostale needed a Back to School campaign that would showcase a fresh new fashion direction for the brand, while at the same time tapping into the hopeful vibe of young people everywhere, who were more than ready to reconnect after months of lockdown.



Aéropostale became Gen Z's go-to fashion brand by celebrating creativity, inclusiveness, and connection. This outlook inspired Oneness, a brand platform and purpose, that celebrates unity, individuality, living in harmony, and supporting one another.

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