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Much like the ongoing evolution of Standard Black’s creative collaboration with Y-3, the iconic Adidas Y-3 Runner 4D phases into an integral new stage with its second iteration, the Runner 4D II. For the launch of this limited-edition design, we developed a campaign that highlights the most dynamic features of the runner, contrasting its signature lacing, elegant bone white tones, and intricate 3-D printed midsole with a rich and deep background and dramatic, assertive motion.

Previously, Y-3’s intrepid runner was rendered in mint, red, and black colorways. The updated bone white edition demanded a new visual identity that would complement the product’s highly anticipated reinterpretation. Standard Black’s creative direction revealed the product in still and moving image, starkly contrasting the design against dark backdrops and styling it on models dressed entirely in black. Percussive music enhances the anticipation of the launch in moving image.

Responsible for the campaign’s entirety of the campaign identity in digital and print, Standard Black stripped down all external elements to focus attention clearly on the runner, showcasing the latticed sole and lace detailing in elegant positions.

A social media launch of the product, directed by Standard Black, garnered immediate coverage from online press including Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, and Fucking Young!.

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