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Made to Meet
the Moment.

An idea that captures the spirit that started the brand, and the future it can grow into. We crafted a reimagined brand world. From positioning, to tone-of-voice, to design, advertising and photography; everything was refreshed and refined to express the new creative platform.

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Willy Chavarria

Art Meets Commerce.

A reimagined site design/UX for designer Willy Chavarria. Bringing together a responsive, intuitive online shopping experience, with the rich narrative of the brand, and the avant garde aesthetic statement that Willy is known for.

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Craft as Ritual.

John Hardy had a compelling story, and a unique product that’s made sustainably. But not enough people knew this, and the brand tended to blend in with the competition. They partnered with us to tackle the challenge, and unlock the potential, of a rebrand that spoke to both a heritage story and a unique luxury product.

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Improve the Game, Improve the Planet.

A focused collection of tennis essentials, Flint Park was founded on a deep passion for the game, and an equally strong commitment to environmental responsibility. It’s high-quality, sustainable, tech-forward performance wear that bridges the gap between the needs of the seasoned pro, and the traditional consumer.

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Beauty in
Real Life.

Just as we were gearing up to produce more work under our Beauty in Real Life creative platform; film production, and the country, shut down. The pandemic pushed us to express the idea in an even more authentic, real way. But it also inspired us to keep going during a time when those little moments of self care, that boost of confidence, that feeling of wellness that comes from taking care of ourselves and feeling beautiful…matters even more.

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Rack It Up.

It’s a simple truth. Once people experience Cash Back with Rakuten, they just can’t help talking about it. This insight drove an awareness campaign that needed to explain what Rakuten is and what they do, but also had to entertain. From the World Series to Super Bowl Sunday and beyond – our Cash Back Enthusiasts (including Stephen Curry) have found a huge audience as they managed to turn everyday conversations into lessons on Racking up Cash Back.

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