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Let's Talk Rakuten

It’s a simple truth. Once people experience Cash Back with Rakuten, they just can’t help talking about it. This insight drove an awareness campaign that needed to explain what Rakuten is and what they do, but also had to entertain. From the World Series to Super Bowl Sunday and beyond – our Cash Back Enthusiasts (including Stephen Curry) have found a huge audience as they managed to turn everyday conversations into lessons on Racking up Cash Back.


Curry For 3

We were excited to have MVP, World Champion and Cash Back all star Stephen Curry on board to launch the campaign. He brought scratch golf skills and Rakuten knowledge – along with his unmatchable swagger. Once his millions of followers got the message, things really got going.


Rack It Up!

To extend our message and keep the conversation fresh, we kicked off a nationwide out-of-home campaign including large scale subway station takeovers on both coasts. The copy-driven campaign evolved the conversational approach of the TV into a no nonsense, straigh-talking tone of voice – delivered with a bold, clean design approach.

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