Standard Black LA NY


Beauty in
Real Life.

After helping CVS deliver a promise to eliminate retouched images from their marketing, our partnership with their beauty division was at the forefront of a growing conversation on diversity and the honest portrayal of women in advertising. This inspired a new 360 campaign to relaunch their beauty business completely through the lens of real life.

Adidas Y-3

James Harden
for Y-3.

Y-3’s new capsule collection finds inspiration in basketball player James Harden and features the highly-anticipated first non-high top Adidas Boost You Wear sneaker. As longtime Y-3 collaborators, Standard Black drew on its extensive experience in the realms of fashion and athletic creative direction to craft a unique identity for the project.


Bring on
the night.

Kluft handmade mattresses have long been associated with American-made quality and luxury, known as the mattress of choice for Hollywood icons. Standard Black complemented this legacy by using our visual and cultural acumen to create a new sensibility that speaks to the 21st century luxury consumer.

Willy Chavarria


Expanding an ongoing creative collaboration Willy Chavarria, Standard Black produced the designer’s most innovative and politically charged presentation to date. Marking a co-branded partnership with Danish sportswear brand Hummel, the boldly graphic collection redefined the boundaries of menswear by offering sponsorship support to New York City soccer players with immigrant status.

Physicians Formula

The healthy
side of beauty.

For the past few years, Standard Black has partnered with Physicians Formula for an elevated rebrand and campaign that explores the healthier side of the growing masstige beauty market.

Barry's Bootcamp


Seeking to leverage the strong reputation of its workout routines, Barry’s Bootcamp devised a new initiative to inspire members to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Tapped for creative direction, casting, production, and video content, Standard Black drew from our experience working with top athletic teams and performance brands to craft a campaign that motivated Barry’s members with assertive images and storytelling.



Recognizing Standard Black’s strength in building brand identities at the nexus of fashion and athletics, Amazon invited us to create strategies for the launch of a new label the online retailer would be offering exclusively through its site. With the launch of Core 10, Amazon sought to carve out a niche in the worlds of women’s performance apparel, adding to the retailer’s growing list of private label brands.


words matter.

Medium—a pioneering online sharing platform for social journalism—asked Standard Black to devise a creative solution for content management and promotion, reflecting our emphasis on cultural innovation through strategic storytelling devices.

Temple Football

doesn’t quit.

In 2017, Temple Football was coming off two 10-win seasons and witnessing many players move on to the professional ranks. Standard Black wanted to highlight Temple Football’s new identity as up-and-coming, one-to-watch winners via a campaign that utilizes our skill at showcasing exactly what makes a great brand stand out from the pack.


Crafted down to
the last detail.

Returning to collaborate with Amazon after launching the online retailer’s private label athleticwear, Standard Black crafted an identity for its new women’s and men’s sunglasses initiative. Obsidian is defined by its craftsmanship and “updated classic” silhouettes, so Standard Black created branding and imagery that highlights this refined sensibility.

Temple Basketball

Our city.

In 2017, drawing on our long-standing relationship with Temple Athletics, Standard Black created a campaign
for Temple Basketball that utilized our visual acumen to present the team’s athletes as the new standout stars
of North Philadelphia, placing them in a proud lineage of the city’s hardworking, all-star athletes.


Fun delivered
(directions included).

When Sephora was ready to launch PLAY!, their monthly sample subscription program, they wanted to create deeper connections with their customers, and sought out Standard Black’s expertise in creative digital content to develop a dynamic new platform.

Adidas Y-3

Update on a
streetwear icon.

Having previously collaborated with Y-3, Standard Black built on an ongoing relationship with the brand by developing a 360° seasonal advertising campaign that interrogates divisions of status and power in society, delving into contemporary culture’s fascination with surveillance and authority.

Mack Weldon

men's basics.

How do you successfully launch a new program of men’s performance basics on a web-based delivery model? When Standard Black developed the Mack Weldon brand from scratch, we drew on our ability to align big ideas with actionable objectives.


A brand born
from an attitude.

Award-winning jewelry designer Candice Pool Neistat created her new brand Billy! in 2016. Standard Black
drew on its expertise in revealing the true character of a brand to tap into the label’s core identity, defining
Billy!’s playful persona through memorable imagery and evocative design.



Recognizing Standard Black’s extensive experience with sports and fashion branding, Nike sought our vision to develop the visual identity of a bold new take on the classic football cleat, helping to showcase the brand’s stance at the forefront of on-the-field technology.



Phlur is an innovative fragrance brand, leader in the direct-to-consumer fragrance market. They create stunning fragrances, designed with leading perfumers and a nod to sustainable practices for online-only sales. Standard Black were engaged to translate Phlur’s identity into impactful packaging and provide a memorable customer experience. Standard Black created bottle deco treatments for the full product offering, secondary packaging, sampler packs and an all-encompassing shipping experience.

Todd Snyder x Champion

A collaboration with
an iconic athletic
apparel brand.

Standard Black has fostered an ongoing creative partnership with Todd Snyder, a New York–based menswear designer known for his distinctive tailoring and timeless sensibility. For Snyder’s collaboration with the iconic athletic apparel brand Champion, we utilized our innovative approach to menswear branding to evolve the partnership’s images and storytelling over several iterations. By capitalizing on and uniting the legacy of both brands, we were able to create an authentic, hybridized vision.


Founded by
Todd Snyder.

Created for young, passionate sports fans who love the look of vintage T-shirts, Tailgate is an all-American sports apparel brand founded by New York menswear designer Todd Snyder, the brand’s creative director. As long-standing creative partners with Snyder, Standard Black was invited to art direct and produce the brand’s inaugural photo shoot.


Seek No Approval.

Founded in Ohio and based in New York, TACKMA quickly made a mark with its witty and assertive take on classic streetwear. A younger label in search of branding and storytelling strategies that would connect with and broaden its consumer base, TACKMA saw how Standard Black’s extensive experience with sports and streetwear branding could help rebuild its identity. With a holistic approach that considered all aspects of the brand, Standard Black developed a tactic that mirrored TACKMA’s vision, while evolving it for a larger market.